Choosing the perfect welly!

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With winter now setting in, it really is time to make sure you have the perfect pair of wellington boots!  Many of us probably remember wellies from our childhood being deeply uncomfortable and leading to imminent frostbite unless you wore 4 pairs of socks... but this is no longer the case!  Here, we give you our guide to finding the perfect welly....

Extra Wide Fit Wellies

Calf Width - bit of an obvious place for us to start really, but it really is a vital point!  Measure your calf at its widest point (usually a few cm below the knee) It's worth measuring both legs (!) and with trousers on.  We cater for up to about 53cm with our extra wide calf range, or up to 45cm with our wide range.

Woodlands Neoprene Wide Fit Boots

Lining - If you are looking to wear the boots in cold conditions or wearing them for long periods of time, it's definitely worth looking at our neoprene boots.

These fabulous Wide Fit Boots from Woodlands are neoprene lined in a gorgeous red and will keep your feet warm, no matter what you throw at them!

Colour and Design  - think about what you will use your boots for... if you're always wearing them with plain clothes then go mad and grab yourself a gorgeous design that will make you smile! Our favourites at the moment for brightening up your life are these fab teal wide calf boots.

And finally, enjoy the freedom that having a great pair of boots can give you!  Puddle splashing, muddy dog walking or just messing around in the park with the kids...Enjoy!

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