Do your Boots fit women with Lymphedema and High Insteps?


For ladies with lymphedema or high insteps, the Jileon branded boots are the best option, as they are designed with extra space in the ankle and are wide in the foot. Hundreds of women have finally managed to find a pair of wellies to fit them by trying these out.

With lymphedema, since swelling is an issue in the critical ankle and instep areas, you will need as much space as possible there to avoid any pressure. This also allows you to slip the boot on easier and you will not need to bend the ankle as much. If the footbed still feels a bit large, you can add a second insole to make them fit more securely.

For high insteps, similarly, our wide fit in the ankle means you do not need to bend the ankle as much when putting the boot on and this gives your foot more space to move.

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