What are Neoprene Wellies? Are they Waterproof?


At Jileon Wellies, we have been asked this question more times than we can remember, so we thought it was about time that we clarified what neoprene is, and how it is ideal for wellies.

Neoprene is a synthetic form of rubber and is the same as you would find in a wetsuit. It is actually more durable than normal rubber, as it is very resistant to extreme conditions and has 2 fantastic uses in wellies.

Firstly it is waterproof and flexible. Many of the wellies, particularly from manufacturers such as Muck Boots, have a neoprene upper which is soft and malleable. This worries many customers as they believe the top half is not waterproof but this could not be further from the truth. These boots are superbly durable and are completely waterproof to the top.

Secondly, neoprene provides superb insulation, and is now used regularly as a lining in many boots to provide warmth in wellies. For cold winter conditions, this can be a godsend in keeping your toes warm, and it also provides more stability to the boot. If the inside of the boots do get damp or sweaty, this can cause damage to normal cotton lining, but again neoprene will resist the water and improve the durability.

If you have never tried out neoprene wellies, take a look although the cost is a little higher, we really do recommend them and you can be assured that they are fully waterproof.

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