Extra Wide Calf up to 53cm

Extra Wide Calf Wellies

Our amazing extra wide fit wellies are unique. Our super-clever double gusset design means these boots will stretch to accommodate calves of up to 53cm - the widest fit in the UK (to the best of our extensive knowledge!). Thanks to the clip-shut buckles, you can also secure them at a smaller calf size meaning they look fabulous regardless of your calf size.

If you've been missing out on puddle splashing and rainy day walks because you can't find comfortable wellies, then look no further....! So many people come to us saying they've not found wellies to fit comfortably in years... if you buy a pair of Jileon wide calf wellies, we're pretty confident we'll have you puddle splashing in no time!

Make sure you check out our size guide for each boot on our product pages to ensure you choose your perfect pair.