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The brand new addition to our Jileon extra wide calf welly family are all that wellies should be - fun and bright! Raindrops may seem a little depressing but not on this pair of wellies, as they brighten up any outfit, and the dark teal colour is stunning! With our brilliantly simple double gusset design, these boots will comfortably fit a calf size of around 45-53 cm, and they come with thick padded insoles for more comfort. If you’ve not found wellies to fit you in years, we know you won’t be disappointed with these.

  • Why we love them – Fun and bright - raindrops aren't usually uplifting but these cheer up any day.
  • What we’d do in them – Maybe show off to the other mums on the school run, but we think they’re perfect for just about any weekend out and about in the country. You wouldn’t look out of place out shopping on a rainy day, would you?
  • Not quite for you – are these just a bit too girly - try our Black or Polka Dot
  • Calf Width – our amazing double gusset design means these will comfortably fit calf size of around 45-53cm.
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Shipping: Free UK shipping; other destinations vary

Have a look at our blog post which tells you more about these unique wellies and how to accurately measure your calves

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