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Extra Wide Calf Hard Wearing Navy Blue Wellies - Regular Fit in Foot and Ankle

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Tough and durable wellies that are ideal for people who spend hours a day in them and require something more robust. They fit calves up to 50cm and are working country boots, made from hard wearing natural rubber with a thick well treaded sole.

    • Expandable on side and rear with buckle fastening
    • Extremely tough and durable – ideal for working on farms or in yards
    • Thick treaded sole to give maximum grip and comfort
    • 100% Waterproof
    • Manufactured in Europe
    • Calf Width: 40 to 50cm
    • Foot Width: E
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    • Store the boots away from any heat or direct sunlight
    • Clean them down with a damp cloth after use
    • Our 1 year warranty covers you for any damage from normal wear and tear

Customer Reviews

Based on 120 reviews
Great to have wellies at last

I went 1/2 a size up as I have wide feet but skinny ankles and heels but big calves. The fit is a little big but ok with extra socks. The top of the boots are enormous (and excessive) but the straps can be used to tighten them. They could be looser at the bottom of the calf above the ankle as the fit mean they get pulled down.

Wide fit Wellington boots

Excellent, exactly as advertised.

Thank You


I have chonky calves and puffy cankles but these boots slide on with ease! I haven’t stopped stomping around in them since they arrived :)

Sorry..I am disappointed… I shall not recommend them.

My old wellies sprung a leak so I need replacements.. Having lived an active life in sport my calfs are very large..Jileon Wellies seemed the answer..
I was wrong..They work in that they are waterproof… but I do not find them comfortable..The construction is too soft, they flip and flop about as I walk.. They are too loose in the foot and ankle.. Yes my calfs fit in them but the consequence is the foot and ankle are too wide.. I dislike the soft Jelli construction..I cannot in all honesty recommend them to anyone..I am ordering a replacement pair of wellingtons from a French manufacturer..These Jelli’s will go in the shed as a spare pair just in case or a reserve if friends need wellies when they visit. ….Good try Jileon but its a thumbs down from me.

Excellent Wellies at last

Good to find a quality pair of wellies that you can fit to your calf size. Really pleased with them and the old saying is true - “you get what you pay” and although expensive they are well worth it.