Chore Hi Black - Neoprene by Muck Boots

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These are proper, tough work boots for those of you who do real hard work in traditional black! They are 100% waterproof, neoprene boots that are both lightweight and flexible. They even come with a reflective pull on tab to help you put them on when you're up at the crack of dawn!! They are reinforced around the toe and on the sole to ensure they can withstand pretty much anything you throw at them. Great arch support means you'll be looking after your feet, even if you're in them all day. If you work outside or live in your wellies, these really are the boots for you...

  • Why we love them – a simple design that will stand the tests of time - in plain and unequivocal black.
  • What we’d do in them – Work, work and work...and maybe a little bit of play! These will withstand anything you choose to do in them
  • Not quite for you – like the idea of these, but want something with a bit more pizzazz - try the arctic adventure in maroon or navy.
  • Calf Width – wide fit - the stretchy top means these will accommodate larger calves of up to around 45cm (Depending on shoe size)
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Shipping: Free UK shipping; other destinations vary

Customer Reviews

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Comfortable and Warm

Muck Boots

Very happy with these boots from the get go. Warm, comfortable and a really good wide calf fit.

The boots are warm and

The boots are warm and keep my feet dry and good to walk in however they are heavy, very heavy. As a more mature lady it has taken a few days for my body to get over the aches from lifting the weights on my feet. Apart from the weight of the boots they are a good product. Perhaps advice should be given on purchase?

finally a fit

I've been looking for wellies that actually fit for a while. Having a DVT makes your leg swell up and it never goes back completely. These, and the first pair I got from Jileon, are the first wellies I've managed to actually get on properly since. Brilliant, comfortable and warm, and they don't make my socks engrave patterns on my legs!

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