Not all wide calf wellies are created equal  

There is nothing more frustrating than purchasing a product online and finding out that it is not what you expected. Most wellington boots fit up to 37 or 38cm calves, but in recent years a few companies have brought out what they classify as wide calf wellies. These boots typically have a small expansion area at the top and fit calves up to around 41cm, but are exactly the same shape in the foot and ankle. Many women find they do not fit.

For ladies with athletic and plus sized calves, you do need a boot that is larger throughout, which is what Jileon specialise in. We have designed our boots from scratch to suit larger ladies, rather than just adapt the top of the welly.

Our boots are wide in the foot, ankle and calf, allowing you to slip them on and off easily and providing a comfortable fit, so you can also wear some warm socks and avoid freezing toes.

For women with calves from 40cm upwards, we have boots that will suit you, whether it be our wide calf version up to 45cm, the extra wide with full expansion up to 53cm or even half height or ankle boots which sit below the calf but are ideal for wide feet still.

The Jileon Range


We truly believe that wide calf wellington boots need to be wide throughout the leg, and have created a range that has allowed thousands of women to get back outside in stylish and fashionable boots.

When you are looking to purchase wellies, be sure to measure yourself carefully and only buy from suppliers with clear boot measurements available. Just because it says in the title that they are wide calf, don't always believe it. All wide calf wellies are certainly not created equal!


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