About Us

Wide Calf Wellington Boots

Who we are

We’re Jileon. We’re a family-run business that designs and manufactures high-quality Wellington boots that are a perfect, comfortable fit for people with wider calves.  We were the first in this amazing welly market and we intend on staying the best! We’re proud to provide the widest calf fit (up to 57cm) in the UK and around the world.

We live, breathe and sleep wellies (and are surrounded by them) .

Why we do what we do

It’s about freedom.

Protected against the elements, anyone can explore their limits. And so we exist to help everyone join in outdoor fun and explore their sense of adventure. We do this by giving people with non-boring legs comfortable wellies that can take them anywhere. With our wellies, no puddle is too big. No rainy day is too rainy. Mud? Yes, please.

We’ve been helping people find their freedom for over 15 years.

Why we’re a bit different ( in a good way).

We don’t design the wellies that we want to sell. We design the wellies you want to wear. We’re chunky enough to make marvellous wellies, but petite enough to listen to every customer. We base lots of our products and designs on what our customers tell us. Fancy a pair of black glossy ankle wellies? Our customers did, and they got it. And our new top-secret extra-wide fit design came from one amazing customer's detailed input.

We’re always looking for ways to help people with weird and wonderful legs get more out of life. If you’ve a particular welly need or idea, tell us. Give us a call on 01488 647253 - we’re always happy to hear from you.

Our story

Way back, on a rainy Sunday afternoon in 2005, we were preparing to head out for a family walk when we noticed our sporty sister-in-law attacking an ugly pair of men’s wellies with scissors. Now, she’s not violent by nature, so this surprised us. She explained that she had to adapt mens wellies by slicing them down the side, because she couldn’t find any stylish wellies to fit her wider calves.

And so Jileon was born.

We started with one design of extra-wide fit wellies and it took off from there.  We’re  now an international business with a full range of designs for legs that need something extra special.

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