Trusted since 2005 | Over 200,000 Boots Sold

Happy Feet | 6500+ Reviews

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Trusted since 2005 | Over 200,000 Boots Sold

Happy Feet | 6500+ Reviews

Try At Home | 60 Day Risk Free Returns

Sustainable Natural Rubber

Our boots are made from natural rubber. Over 80% of the world's rubber comes from plantations in Asia, which is tapped in white liquid form from rubber trees.

It’s a relatively slow process to tap a rubber tree, as it must be done in an environmentally friendly way so that the tree remains in good health for its average economic life of 32 years.

The usage of natural rubber makes our boots more sustainable, as opposed to synthetic rubber or PVC, which demand more chemicals and manufacturing processes.

Throughout our manufacturing process, our boots are also 100% vegan

Handmade Wellies

With 80% of rubber coming from Asia, almost all factories are located there. We are committed to making our boots environmentally green and sustainable.

Our wellies are manufactured in China by hand. The process is surprisingly manual and demands skilled labour. We ensure that our factory uses responsible working practices to achieve this.

Making Delivery Green

We know that online shipping is not as green as it could be so for the vast majority of our deliveries, we partner with DPD who are committed to carbon neutral delivery.

They have achieved this in a variety of ways

- Using over 1500 electric vehicles in urban areas

- Offering click and collect pick up points across UK

- Solar panels are installed on some of their main hubs and are being added to 22 other sites

- In 2021, over 36,000 tonnes of waste was generated and 100% avoided landfill by recycling and reusing

- For every 50 deliveries made by electric vehicle via the DPD app, they will plant a tree

Making Packaging Sustainable

Too often welly boot packaging is big and heavy, making deliveries more bulky and less green.

We don't use boxes and instead send our full height boots out in a reusable drawstring bag that can be kept to store anything from wellies to swimming kit for the kids.

On top of that, our DPD outer packaging is made from 80% reclaimed material and are 100% recyclable.

We are always looking for other ways to reduce our carbon footprint further and are fully committed to improving wherever we can.

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