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Trusted since 2005 | Over 200,000 Boots Sold

Happy Feet | 6500+ Reviews

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Recently we were approched by Katie Penrose, the writer behind  Parenting & Lifestyle Blog, a platform where I share my passion for body positivity, plus size fashion, and travel. Katie wanted to explore our boots and give an honest review of her own opinion of our wide calf wellies. You can read an excert below of her findings below.  Thank you for choosing us Katie to share your passion on plus size inclusivity.



Have you ever found yourself at the doorstep of adventure, ready to explore the great outdoors, only to be held back by the discomfort of ill-fitting wellies? We’ve all been there. The struggle of finding wellies for wider calves can seem like a never-ending journey. Traditional wellies often cater to standard sizes, leaving those needing a little extra room to choose between comfort and style.

This has always been my reality until I discovered Jileon Wide Calf Wellies. It was an encounter that would transform my outdoor experiences. These are not just any wellies; these are a game-changer, bringing comfort and style to our feet and opening a world of unexplored opportunities.

From puddle-splashing escapades to muddy treks, Jileon Wide Calf Wellies make every step a pleasure. With these wellies, discomfort is a thing of the past. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a casual walker, these wellies promise an accommodating fit like no other.

Stay tuned as I embark on my journey through Jileon Wide Calf Wellies. It’s time to say goodbye to struggles and hello to comfort. 

Get ready to step into a world where every foot, regardless of its width, is welcome. Great adventures await, and they’re about to get much comfier!

The Joy of Full-Length Comfort

Before Jileon, I hadn’t experienced the joy of slipping into full-length boots that fit perfectly. The mere thought of trying on another pair of wellies that wouldn’t fit past my ankles was enough to discourage me. But with Jileon Wide Calf Wellies, my world changed. I finally found a pair of boots that not only fit me but also prioritized my comfort.

The feeling is simply indescribable! It’s like a hug for your feet and calves – the perfect balance of snug and roomy. I can confidently say that I love my Jileon Wide Calf Wellies, and I’d never trade them for anything else. They’re a testament to the fact that style, comfort, and the perfect fit can coexist in a single pair of boots.

No longer will my trainers be soaked on rainy dog walks, nor will my feet become wet when shopping. I can also unleash my inner child and joyfully splash in muddy puddles.

I am eagerly anticipating the winter season and hoping for substantial snowfall. To fully enjoy this cosy time, I must buy a pair of the delightful Jileon welly socks.

I have said goodbye to my worn-out and tattered Joules wellie bobs. From now on, I won’t consider purchasing any other brand.


Katie is wearing – Extra wide calf Navy spotty wellies - READ THE REST OF HER REVIEW HERE 

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