October Half Term!

October 20, 2015

With half term just around the corner, it's time to make sure the kids are kitted out with the perfect boots for this autumny weather..

There's plenty going on up and down the country to keep everyone entertained and out in the fresh air!

Check out the NTS page for events and activities in some of Scotland's most beautiful places.  

The National Trust have loads of great ideas for keeping the kids active with mushrooming days and den building as well as great Halloween fun.

The beautiful Thorp Perrow in Yorkshire has amazing looking Halloween trails for the whole of half term.

BUT  make sure your kids have the correct footwear (and remain jolly and happy all week!) by grabbing some of our childrens boots now..

These great wellies in a glorious yellow with a reflective stripe are great for keeping the kids safe and warm no matter what the weather! Or our Lightweight EVA wellies are perfect for your little ones - with a super snug liner to keep their toes warm...

Whatever you get up to, stay safe and warm this half term......

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