We have had a dry spring so far and are now all starting to think about summer. It is a time of spring cleaning and tidying away items that are not needed for a while and certainly in our household that means the various pairs of welly boots.

Here is a useful guide to the successful storing away of your boots so that they will be ready and fit for you to wear once the wetter and colder weather returns.

  • Make sure that your boots are clean.

Wash your boots with a very mild detergent and cool water. This is especially important if you have been wearing your boots around animal manure. Ammonia can damage the natural rubber of the boots.

  • Ensure that the boots are dry.

If wet from wear or washing, leave the boots to dry in a ventilated and warm place. This should not be in direct sunlight or a heat source such as a radiator as these again can damage the natural rubber.

  • Prepare for storing.

To keep the foot shape, scrunched up paper can be stuffed into the toe area.

  • Prevent any bugs from making a home in your boots. 

Scrunched up paper may help with this. The best way to prevent this is to store your wellies in a zipped up bag. Jileon have our own boot bags specifically for storing away your boots. These are either navy blue or polka dot in design and are £9.99 with FREE delivery. These can be ordered here

  • Store them away somewhere safe.

Leave your bag of wellies somewhere that you will remember! This shouldn’t be somewhere like the loft or shed where the temperatures can vary and become extreme. Again, this is to protect the natural rubber and prevent it from drying and therefore cracking.

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