Wet Weather Activities!

February 11, 2014

So, with half term fast approaching (!), here’s our suggestions of what to do in your wellies if that rain just doesn’t stay away!

Puddle jumping - Get your wellies on and make a splash. See how many splashes it takes to empty the puddle, or throw in leaves and twigs to see what happens. See if you can make your own puddles by digging some ground away with a stick or stones. Who can jump the highest, who makes the biggest splash?

Creepy Crawly Hunt - The rain brings lots of creepy crawlies and bugs out of their little hiding places, so pop on those wellies and see what you can find...look for animal tracks or small bugs that you haven’t seen before. Remember not to pick up bugs until you’re sure they can’t hurt you and always put insects back where you find them! Try your local woods for all sorts of good creepy crawlies....go to visitwoods.org.uk to find your nearest woodland area.

Build Mud Pies and Make Rose Perfume! – There is nothing like getting all your wet weather gear on (including your wellies!) and heading out in to your garden or local park for some creative‘cooking’ and ‘making! Why not make flower perfumes with empty jam jars, any leaves and petals you can find and add water! Or make some architectural masterpieces with mud, sand, sticks and stones!

Go Underground! - Stay out of the rain by heading underground! Caves and mines are a great place to visit - from crypts and cellars to tunnels and mines, explore these hidden places. If you’re in Wales, you’ll be spoilt for choice but follow these links to find other underground treasures! www.cheddargorge.co.uk/explore or www.whitescarcave.co.uk or go to www.nationaltrust.org.uk to find more places to visit.

And don’t forget to send us any photos of you and your kids out and about in the wet weather!  

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