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February 26, 2019 2 min read

Half height wellies are designed to fit just below the widest part of your calf and so half way up the bottom part of your leg.  This means that they are great for those people that are short in the leg as they will not chaff or catch behind your knee when you are sitting as some full height boots can.

They are also great for those with wider calves as they do not cover the widest part of the calf and offer an alternative to a wide calf welly.

As there is less material needed to make the boots, this usually makes them much lighter for carrying around.  Perfect for those weekend camping or festival trips when you may or may not need wellies but want to take some "just in case"!

As the ankle and part of the leg is covered, there is some protection for heavy mud and puddles, but they are probably not high enough for wading through rivers!

One customer told us that she loved her half height wellies as it was easier and more comfortable to get her trousers inside of the boot!

At Jileon.com we have some great designs on our half wellies.  These boots are a wider fit in the ankle and foot than a standard boot.  This provides a better fit for some people and can make the boot easier to get on and off.  From funky purple boots with butterflies to plainer blue with a cream trim.  Not forgetting that we also stock some other branded functional plain half boots for the men or those that need them for work.

Why not dress up the half boot with a pair of contrasting welly socks.  This can be done to enhance the look, keep you cosy or to give the illusion of a longer leg.

We could go on but why not just give them a try......

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