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For Unique Legs

Our wide-calf boots are built from the sole up. They’re made on a specially designed.
wide calf mould that also creates space for the foot, toe and ankle.

Specially Designed For
Extra Wide Calves

At Jileon, we are specialists in designing wide calf wellies to suit all plus size and curvy women.

Complete ComforT, Stylish Expandable Design

Our patented double-gusset adjustable design offers a comfortable fit for up to 57cm calves.

Walk Without Fear -
100% Waterproof

They are the perfect option to splash and sparkle in unpredictable weather. In fact, you’ll be hoping for it!

Spacious In The Calf,
Ankle & Foot

We specifically designed our unique boot shape to suit a curvy customer, so they are not only wide in the calf.

Find Your Perfect Wellies

Having wide calves shouldn't mean you have to put up with discomfort when going about your day. Whether your're pottering around in the garden, walking your dog or attending a muddy festival, regular shoes and wellies will quickly fall apart. Jileon wellies are built to last and will keep you and your calves comfortable all day long.

Rated average 4.9/5 by 4,500+ Happy Customers

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Take Measurements

Taking accurate measurements is key to
finding your perfect pair of wellies, so
don't rush this step!

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Our range has something for everyone.
For personalised recommendations, you
can use our welly finder.

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Check Out What Our Customers Are Saying...

Rated average 4.9/5 by 4,500+ Happy Customers
I just need to go and find some puddles to jump in!!!

"I have never had an adult pair of wellies... having been blessed with huuuuge lower legs. I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the fit, quality and service!!! Thank you so much Jileon, I just need to go and find some puddles to jump in!!!"

Kate BVerified Buyer
Finally, I found wellies that fit.

"As soon as my wellies arrived, I couldn't wait to try them on, they just slipped right on which I have never found in the past with higher then ankle wellies due to my wide calves. They're wide enough to wear thick socks with as I don't really struggle wide wide feet or ankles but the roominess is just such a delight,finally. I felt like I was at a loss trying to find a pair of wellies that fit but I'm so glad I gave these a chance. My calves are 50cm round and I'm left with loads more room if I need it. Loved the fact the website gives you measurements so you can measure before ordering, also delivery was so quick. Overall, can't fault them. I will buy again and again."

Amber N.Verified Buyer
At Last

"Finally a company that understands if you have larger calves and wider feet you are unlikely to have skinny ankles. My first pair of wellies in over thirty years. Thoroughly enjoyed jumping in puddles and walking in the brook; purely for test purposes of course. :)"

Janet P.Verified Buyer
Tried and tested

"So easy to put on with jeans. Very comfortable for walking the dog"

Valerie H.Verified Buyer
Free Delivery on Every Boot

We offer free shipping on every order, and
what’s more, if your order is worth more
than £40, you will get your boots on our next
business day service with DPD.

1 Year Guarantee

Having been making these boots for over 15
years, we are very confident in their
reliability and provide an industry leading 1
year guarantee for any defects.

100% Vegan

Our factory sources its rubber sustainably
and we avoid using unnecessary chemicals
in the manufacturing process, while the
entire boot is vegan.

What Makes
Jileon Different?

Here at Jileon, we do things a little differently. We pride ourselves on going where no mass-market welly manufacturer has gone before, the world of (genuinely) wide calf wellies!

Rated average 4.9/5 by 4,500+ Happy Customers
Wide throughout
Built to last
Multiple Fit Options
Small UK Based Business
Rated average 4.9/5 by 4,500+ Happy Customers

We’ve Got You Covered

I have tried on loads of wellies and none have fitted. Why are Jileon wellies different?

Other manufacturers work with a standard mould for their wellington boot manufacture and just cut the rubber at the top to allow more space there. We realise that wide calf wellies need to be wide throughout the foot, ankle and leg and so have created our own unique mould which is genuinely wide fit. This allows you to slip them on and off easily and still provides space for thick socks for most people.

Where do you manufacture your wellies?

All of our boots are designed in the UK but there are no rubber boot factories in the UK. The vast majority of our wellies are made in Asia in a factory we have been working with for several years now. The one exception are our hard wearing extra wide fit boots which are made in Eastern Europe at a factory which has been making boots for decades.

How do I choose the right pair to fit me?

We provide a simple guide to measuring your feet and leg correctly. Then you can see which of our boots will work for your measurements. Take a look at our size guide here

What shoe size should I take?

Our boots come up large. We always recommend taking your normal shoe size even if you would normally go a size up when buying wellies, and want to fit thick socks. If you are between sizes (e.g. 6.5), then we would recommend sizing down to a 6 for example. This recommendation is from 15 years of experience of selling our boots. We really do want you to get the right boot first time.

What are your boots made from?

We manufacture our boots from 100% high quality durable rubber, which is vegan. They are built to last and we guarantee them for 1 year, which is longer than most other manufacturers offer, as we believe in the quality we offer.

How do you design your wellies?

We have been making wide calf wellies now for over 15 years. During this time, every time we have developed new models, it has been based on the feedback of our customers. There are millions of people who are not looked after by the larger welly manufacturers, and we want to help. Most manufacturers make wide calf wellies in the same mould as their normal boots but just expand the boots at the top. This does not take into account the fact that most curvy people also need more space in the foot and ankle. We design our boots from the sole upwards to meet your needs with our unique wide fitting mould. We are proud to say that we manufacture the widest calf wellies in the world, and have got tens of thousands of people back into wellies for the first time in years.

Can I try out your boots in any shops?

We are an online business, so do not sell into retailers in the UK. This allows us to provide you with the boots at cheaper prices by not having to pay the retailer. We realise that it can be tricky to buy footwear confidently online but have created a detailed size guide to help you choose the right boots first time. Take a look here at our sizing page and if you still have any concerns or need help, you can call us on 01488 647253 or email us at

I have wide calves but narrow ankles. Do you have any boots to fit me?

We have had a lot of customers over the years who have found our traditional boots too baggy in the ankles. Therefore we have designed a new welly that should work for you perfectly. Take a look at these black and white spotty boots. They are still wide in the calf but more fitted in the ankle to make walks more comfortable for you.

Need Recommendation?

We can help you find your perfect fit.

If you are having trouble working out which boots might fit you, take our quick 1 minute quiz. With just 4 quick questions, we can recommend boots that are likely to fit you and meet your needs.

We are sure we have some that will work for you

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Navy Spotted Wellies Now

Rated average 4.9/5 by 4,500+ Happy Customers
  • Specially Designed For Extra Wide Calves
  • Complete Comfort, Stylish Expandable Design
  • Walk Without Fear - 100% Waterproof
  • Spacious In The Calf, Ankle & Foot

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“At last I’ve found wellies that fit my swollen ankles, I’ve have used them for walking in muddy field’s they are so comfortable, and taking them of was no struggle, brilliant”

Halina S.Verified Buyer