1 Early morning dog walks....its amazing walking the dogs in the early morning sun, but the grass is always still sodden under foot! Try our amazing hard wearing boots that will keep your feet dry and comfy no matter how long the walk..

2 Hanging out the washing.... you know it's going to be sunny all day so you want to get the washing out before heading off on the school run or to work... but the garden is still full of early morning dew..wet soggy toes is not a good feeling.. try our really funky half boots

3 Heading to a festival - in this country, is it really worth going un-wellied?!  Did you see the Glastonbury photos?!  Go big and bold with these fab floral boots

4 Gardening - even when the sun's out, it's nice to have your feet protected from slugs, snails and nasty brambles  - we have these amazing ankle wellies

5 It's the UK - you never know what the weather holds - glorious sunshine to torrential rain in 2 minutes is our speciality.. check out our extra wide calf beauties - suitable for any occasion!.

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