In our search for creating our new range of hard-wearing wellington boots, we researched several high quality factories and are delighted to have found our little gem. Our new factory, based in Europe, was established in 1935 and specialises in high-quality hunting, fishing and security rubber footwear to support work under extreme conditions. All boots are hand-crafted by highly skilled craftsmen.

MICRO’AIR® is incorporated into each boot under the lining to offer additional protection from puncturing. MICRO’AIR® is a synthetic aramid fiber, five times stronger than steel, which provides temperature stability, high endurance and strength.

Each boot has a specially-made steel shank which is embedded in the outsole, and which offers additional stability. The steel-shank protects your joints by stabilizing the outsole and reduces distortion and twisting, providing greater support to your feet during extended periods of standing.

On top of these vital technical characteristics, the boots are slick and durable, while still offering our unique extra wide fit design fitting calves up to 50cm. These new Jileon hard-wearing boots are working country boots and come in a brand new buckle design, with rear and side gussets rather than the double sided gusset. They also offer a fleece lining to keep you warm in the winter months. We really hope that you enjoy spending long hard-working hours in the comfort and warmth of these boots. We currently offer 2 colours, chocolate with caramel trim and plain navy.

We are very excited about these hard-wearing boots and would welcome your feedback on facebook!

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