Dog Walking and Activities

May 01, 2014

We know that lots of our lovely customers have equally lovely dogs, so thought we’d give you our top tips on doggy information on the web.  There are lots of lovely websites out there to help you find great walks and activities for you and your dog..

Our favourite is Walkiees – it’s an easy to use site with lots of great walks listed. Most of the walks have been reviewed by other dog walkers so you know what to expect. There are also lists of dog friendly places such as B&B’s, hotels and pubs.

Dog Friendly – this was started when the owners couldn’t find anywhere to holiday with their 3 large rescue dogs, this brilliant website has 19 databases of dog friendly places and services. Choose from accommodation, camping, days out, groomers and much more. There is an annual charge to use all the functions of the site but the information quality looks great.

Doggie Pubs – pubs have to be recommended to be on this site so there are no paid-for listings on this site. Genuine reviews from real dog owners makes it full of useful information if you and your dog fancy a rest whilst out on a long walk!

The Kennel Club is obviously full of useful information about looking after your dog, but we particularly like the section on activities. This talks about all sorts of amazing things you can do with your dog including agility, flyball and heelwork to music!!

So, whilst you are out and about with your dog, what should you be wearing on your feet?  We have several pairs of wellies that are perfect for those who use their wellies more often than most.

Firstly, our collection of  Neoprene Lined Wide Calf Boots are perfect as they are made from good quality rubber and come with a neoprene lining which will keep your feet warm in winter but not too hot in summer.

Secondly, Muck Boots, are brilliantly designed for walking and have additional comfort added to the sole to ensure they withstand the longest walk..

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