5 top tips for buying wellies

1 - Measure your calf size - this is the most common problem for people who find it difficult to find wellies to fit, so ensure you know the calf size before you buy. Here we provide help on measuring them correctly

2 - Think about what you are going to use your wellies for. Unfortunately as with most things, you do get what you pay for with wellies. If you are going to use them to walk the dog every day or muck out the horses, get a robust pair of boots (£50+). If you only wear them very occasionally and like a new pair for festival season, then you can afford to look for a cheaper funkier pair each year.

3 - Be Brave. You can get away with far bolder patterns on wellies than on most footwear. Don't be scared.

4 - Keep your feet warm. Wellies can get pretty chilly but nowadays there are many options to keep your toes warm. At the more expensive end of the market, many boots now have warm neoprene linings which are worth their weight in gold. However if you don't want to spend too much, grab a pair of welly warmers which will not only make your boots cosier but also more comfortable.

5 - Look after your Wellies. Rubber is a natural product which will degrade if it is not protected. Ensure you do not leave them stored in direct sunlight or near a radiator, and just wash them off with water rather than any cleaning liquid. They will then last a lot longer and still look good.

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