The Jileon Story and measuring your calves..

March 04, 2014

Extra Wide Calf Wellies - how and why?

Finding stylish wellies for ladies with wider calves has always been a bit of a nightmare - many companies produced slightly larger than normal fit by adding a buckle but you can't stretch the rubber too much so this didn't result in a properly wide fitting boot.

Having spoken to lots of friends and family, the idea struck us that we could have both sides of the boot expanding - one gusset on each side - creating a truly wide calf boot! And so, the Jileon Extra Wide Calf Welly was born! To develop the boot properly, we knew we couldn't use cheap rubber as this wouldn't hold out under pressure - we eventually found a high quality factory who could produce our perfect boot!!

We have gone on to develop our range and now produce a range of designs in our extra wide calf fit as well as a design for men

Now you know there's a pair out there that you'll love, read on to find out how to measure your calf properly..

Step by Step Guide to measuring your calf size...

1) Find the widest part of your calf - usually a few cm below the back of your knee - and measure the circumference using a flexible tape measure.

2) Repeat on the other leg (you never know!)

3) Use the largest of these measurements as your calf size - don't forget to measure with trousers or welly socks on if you want to be able to tuck trousers in to your new boots...

4) If you are under 5'3" then add another 2 cm to the measurement to account for the fact that your calf will be lower down in the welly!

5) Order your Jileon Wellies and puddle splash forever more.....

Jileon Extra Wide Wellies will comfortably fit calves from around 45-53 cm. If your calf is smaller than this, then check out our Wide Fit range here.

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