Camping and Glamping!

February 25, 2014

With the weather hopefully starting to turn slightly more spring like, we thought it would be good to look forward to some sunnier times...whether you’re a camper,a glamper, or simply want to spend some time outside with the kids, here’s our guide to some slightly different outdoor holiday options... PS Don't forget to pack your kids wellies for all those inevitable puddles and streams they're bound to find!

The National Trust – Bothies and Bunkhouses

Find your inner Bear Grylls and get back to nature at one of the National Trust’s Bothies and Bunkhouses – the accommodation ranges from very basic bothies – with water from a well, gas lighting and cooking on a camping stove! To slightly better equipped bunkhouses complete with a telephone and washing machine! We can see the look on the kids faces already – a proper adventure in the midst of beautiful countryside.

Visit National Trust for loads of inspiration

Forest Camping!

A brilliant way to get the kids connected with nature or simply enjoy the peace and tranquillity that the forest has to offer – camping under the tree canopy is bound to be lots of fun! Our favourite site is Hollands Wood Campsite in the New Forest – described by David Bellamy as paradise itself!

Have a look at Camping in the Forest for this site and lots more.  Visit Woods also has lots of great ideas.


For those who love the idea of camping, but can’t quite bring themselves to sleep on the floor or wash in a stream (!), then Glamping is most definitely for you... There’s so many options – yurts, tipis, pods and treehouses - lots of them offering family friendly options too.

Have a look at Canopy and Stars for some truly amazing ideas!!

Camping by the sea!

Away from the forest and out towards the sea – imagine waking up right next to the sea every morning! Paddle about in rock pools, go for an early morning swim or lie back on your dinghy – the choice is yours!

Try Tolcarne Beach or Bryher Campsite for close proximity!

And we know how easy it is to pack for the kids and forget about yourself, so don't forget to pack your wellies too!  We highly recommend Muck Boots for ensuring you're prepared for any kind of weather!

Happy Camping!!

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